Project Melody is a creative hub that provides expertise, resource and global content management in order to produce dynamic multi genre music and immersive content.

We believe the traditional role of a record label has evolved to better serve artists and a more dynamic digital market. We harness content from the creative spark of a song, right up to a globally strategised release campaign that amplifies the introduction of new music to a multi territory audience.

“We are a compact dedicated team with decades of experience in music, global marketing, promotion, business and asset management. This backbone gives us the insight and network to scale up our exploitation reach in order to deliver content and campaigns with genuine global impact”.

In our pursuit of pre-existing music rights, any investment we consider should not require any leverage to generate our expected investment return. Because we value our sleep, a sensibly constructed acquisition strategy ensures our ability to outstay any form of volatility within natural market performance fluctuations.

We continually search for ‘the magic’……looking for individuals or projects that are #AtoB (About to Blow!!!)